What is PeerTracker?

PeerTracker is an online real-time snapshot of your LTIP performance. PeerTracker uses easy to understand tables, charts and graphs to encourage employees to regularly check their performance against their comparators, providing a valuable link between the performance of the Company and plan participants. All awards can be placed on the same PeerTracker site allowing access to the current performance of all outstanding schemes and plan documentation in one convenient location.

How PeerTracker Can Help

PeerTracker is a tailored service that can be customized to your LTIP rules, providing live updates on any type of TSR or share price based scheme that your company has in place that can be customized to the rules in your LTIP plan, providing daily updates on any type of TSR or share price based metric as well as awards that vested based upon internal metrics that your company has in place.

PeerTracker creates significant opportunities for communicating with and educating participants. We appreciate that there are many different ways that executives receive updates on their compensation and through a variety of channels but to build the complete picture PeerTracker needs to integrate with the existing channels to enhance them. Therefore, PeerTracker can be available to integrate with your equity plan administrator or intranet, and we have expertise in making this seamless.
quickly identify reverse peers, peers of peers as well as data and information for most recently disclosed peer group


PeerTracker Benefits Include:

Drive Performance
Successful, personalized communication of performance-based awards can mean the difference between above and below target payouts; with PeerTracker, every award recipient has continuous access to the plan design details and market and financial performance data you want them to see.

Leverage Reliable Data
PeerTracker is powered by S&P’s Capital IQ system, which accesses market and financial data for more than 58,000 international companies in over 180 different currencies.

Calculate with Confidence
Our platform includes numerous quality control processes; you can rest easy knowing your plans are audited on a quarterly basis and certified at the conclusion of the performance period.

Tracking Expertise
Our team has administered more than 1,000 plans through PeerTracker, developing extensive expertise and hundreds of customized communication and reporting solutions along the way.

Easy Financial Reporting
Access historical performance data through PeerTracker to determine expected vesting amounts at the end of reporting periods with the ability to download files as of any date in the performance period - right at your fingertips.

Global Relative TSR Survey
Aon continues to be committed to strengthening the linkage between pay for performance, and are focused on designing excellent RTSR plans with only the choicest data. Our global RTSR survey will focus on all regions, and will be a free add-on benefit for all of our existing clients. The annual survey will focus on specific design nuances that are not accessible through regulatory filings, and will highlight year over year trends.


Check Out Sample Sites

Sample Site 1

This sample site represents the most common relative TSR plan type, three overlapping relative TSR awards

Visit Sample Site

Sample Site 2

This sample site represents awards where 50% of the LTI plan vests based on relative TSR and another 50% vests via EPS growth

Visit Sample Site

Sample Site 3

This sample site represents outperformance awards where the vesting is based on a company’s TSR compared to the TSR of an Index

Visit Sample Site

Sample Site 4

This sample site represents awards that are modified by relative TSR after 50% of the LTI plan vests based on cumulative EPS and another 50% vests based on Cumulative Net Income

Visit Sample Site

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