Setting the Tone From the Top Amidst a World in Flux

Welcome to the new normal, where constant change and ongoing scrutiny are par for the course, making executive compensation strategy and program design a high-stakes game of hitting a constantly moving target. Change is accelerating, industry lines are increasingly blurred, and organizations need to rethink how they go-to-market.

In today's evolving business environment:

  • Navigating growth through volatility and uncertainty has become top of mind
  • Managing a company’s lifecycle — from IPO to M&A and everything in between — is more pertinent than ever
  • Striking the right balance between business needs and shareholder needs is imperative
  • Board of directors’ compensation continues to be in the spotlight
  • Ongoing regulatory change continues to influence rewards strategy

The Gold Standard for Every Industry

When the stakes couldn’t be any higher, you need a partner that is a one-stop shop for all your executive compensation needs. Many firms claim to be the best in select aspects of executive pay, but Aon is the only firm that takes a holistic approach — and has all the capabilities and expertise to match. No other firm brings together solutions to your end-to-end executive compensation needs under one roof. We are the only firm that truly is the gold standard for rewards data, consulting, governance, equity services and more for every industry not only in the U.S., but globally.

Our clients have come to expect:  

  • Visionary Leadership: Regardless of your industry, navigating the digital age requires visionary leadership. At Aon, we have the expertise companies need to attract, retain and motivate leaders for today and tomorrow.
  • Exceptional Performance: A cookie-cutter approach to pay-for-performance won’t separate you from the pack in today’s economy. Our legacy supporting high-growth companies gives us a unique perspective on designing short- and long-term performance programs that drive exceptional results.
  • World-Class Governance: We live in an age where mistakes become global headlines in an instant. This makes good governance and strong stakeholder relationships more important than ever.

Why Clients Come to Us

Executive compensation programs need to be designed to be competitive, compelling, aligned with business performance and directly linked to shareholder value. We help organizations sort, clarify and dominate their markets so they can stay focused executing on the business strategy.

We provide our clients with:  

  • End-to-End Executive Compensation
    • Benchmarking
    • Design
    • Valuation
    • Tracking
    • Communication
    • Disclosure
    • Risk mitigation
    • Pay-for-performance alignment
  • Business Lifecycle Support
    • Ramping up
    • Rapid growth
    • IPO planning/readiness
    • Balancing revenue and profitability
    • Decline/Relaunch
    • M&A
    • Bankruptcy
  • Incentive Design Support to Meet Business Needs
    • Creating direct linkage between short- and long-term variable pay and business results
    • Setting appropriate metrics/goals to align with stated objectives, including shareholder value creation
    • Ensuring designs are effective and keep us out of trouble with proxy advisors and shareholders more broadly


A Comprehensive Solution

Aon is the only firm that can bring a complete Executive Compensation solution to our clients, including:

  • Integrated executive pay, governance and equity lifecycle support
  • Aligning pay and performance because establishing an appropriate link between the two is what matters most to your people and shareholders
  • Best-in-class data assets that go beyond the Top 5 and provide a consistent framework to evaluate other layers of executive management
  • Deep sector expertise allowing us to understand the business issues and find solutions that work within the context of our competitive landscape
  • Collaborative approach between the advisor, compensation committee and management, understanding that effective solutions can’t be achieved unless all stakeholders are active participants in the process

Think of us as your trusted partner and advisor who will walk alongside your company from start to finish.


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