Consistency and Clarity

A key issue facing most companies is the "norm" of participants undervaluing their long-term incentive (LTI) programs. This issue leads to lower engagement and unwanted turnover of key employees and executives. And though a significant amount of effort and cost will go into the "perfect" design that pulls all the desired strategic triggers, most companies invest little in ensuring the executive fully understands the award and has consistent vision into how they are performing against the metrics. Aon has developed services that address these issues from all sides – creating a consistency of line-of-sight into performance award tracking and the ease of clarity and simple explanations of tailored video education programs.

Manage Relative TSR With PeerTracker

Consistency and Line-of-Sight

PeerTracker has been the unquestioned leading online platform for tracking and communicating performance-based awards with Relative TSR metrics for 10 years. More than 300 companies choose PeerTracker to provide award holders a direct line-of-sight to real-time corporate performance relative to targeted peers, plus insight into their specific compensation outcomes as markets move.

PeerTracker is built to handle your company's specific plan design requirements, including plans with multiple absolute and relative metrics, overlapping grant cycles, and peers on indices outside the U.S. PeerTracker can also be translated for global participants. Learn More


Engage and Educate With EquiTV

Clarity and Simplicity

Creating personalized, branded employee education videos that cover your specific plans and providers has never been easier. Aon’s EquiTV product makes your journey to providing your employees with intelligent, engaging content, painless and cost-effective.

How do we do it? First, we’re equity experts. Second, EquiTV is short, ‘snackable’ videos that are delivered using state-of-the-art interactive technology providing your employees a world-class, choose-your-own-path experience. And since video content feels stale in a year, Aon will update your EquiTV channel at least annually to reflect current branding themes, plan changes, updated stock prices and more to assure your employees are seeing fresh content and are actively engaged in the education offering.

Need proof it’s working? Aon provides analytics that show engagement, fall-off, click patterns and more. We know EquiTV will engage your employees more than other education methods. From the first click… to the next…to the next… Learn More


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