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Look across the breadth and depth of your talent pool and you'll find them: emerging leaders, change agents, problem solvers and innovators. These employees are your secret weapons in the digital age. And wherever they are in their career journeys – from new college graduates who are just starting to show great potential to seasoned veterans with deep expertise and long track records of achievement – you can't afford to lose them. Your future depends on it.

The market for game-changing talent is as fierce as ever, which means your business needs to stand out from the crowd in a clear and compelling way. Reimaging your approach to employee rewards is a great way to get there. And we’re here to help. Our local, dedicated experts are supported by a team of global professionals focused on one goal: helping our clients drive business performance through people performance. Here's how:



It becomes increasingly crucial to align your rewards strategy with business goals and the diverse needs of the changing workplace.


Job architecture systems are a critical business process that add significant value to a business and its employees when designed effectively.


Rapid business expansion can lead an organization to evaluate its existing human resources, compensation and career structures.


Access to timely and accurate compensation data – with local perspective – is the life breath of all total rewards strategies.


Total Rewards

As the rate of change and disruption soar to new levels in the workplace, it becomes increasingly crucial to align your rewards strategy with business goals and the diverse needs of your employees.

We'll help you:  

  • Benchmark total rewards to understand the impact of shifts in the total rewards portfolio, and calibrate pay and benefits
  • Optimise total rewards to align with your company’s goals and employee preferences so they work best for your organisation
  • Customise rewards portfolios by using our analyses and survey instruments to allow employee voices to play a role in rewards innovation


Job Architectures

Growth and disruption can trigger a proliferation of new jobs and titels. Before you know it, there are inconsistencies in job leveling, pay and titles. That's where job architectures come in – it can help us bring order to the chaos. Beyond that, it can serve as a foundation for career frameworks, pay equity and people analytics.

We'll help you:  

  • Structure your job levels by creating a unified approach to defining levels, job codes and titling across your company underpinned by Aon JobLink – a robust, proven and flexible job evaluation methodology. This can serve as a foundation for pay and benefit levels, career paths and competency requirements that is scalable for your firm’s future growth.
  • Create a consistent job library of every job code and job description in your company that’s easily accessible to HR and people managers and transferable to current and future HRIS systems.


Growth Strategies

Rapid business expansion can lead an organisation to outgrow its existing human resources, compensation and career structures, requiring frequent reassessment and realignment.

We'll help you:  

  • Reimagine your compensation philosophy to ensure it sets the stage for building rewards programs aligned to your evolving business strategy and the needs of your organisation
  • Build new salary structures that balance the many pros and cons of market-based, level-based and broad-band based salary structures and select a model that works best for you
  • Re-balance pay mixes as your company matures, leveraging our extensive data sets to evaluate and recommend how your incentive and equity programs should evolve over time
  • Conduct a 360 re-calibration to see how well your people and pay programs match current market conditions, including labor market shortages, competitive challenges and employee retention concerns


Data: Insights for your industry

Thousands of companies around the world, in tens of industries, representing millions of employees, share their compensation data with Aon every year. Together, this data forms one of the largest sources of rewards intelligence anywhere in the market. Better yet, this data is delivered back to clients in a number of industry-specific formats honed over decades to meet the nuanced benchmarking requirements of every industry. You can read more about Aon’s surveys here.



The Radford Network®

With the Radford Network at your side, you'll be able to benchmark pay on-the-fly for thousands of industry-specific jobs, both technical and non-technical in nature, across all manner of geographic and industry lines.

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When it comes to benchmarking pay in the asset management, banking, insurance, professional services and wealth management industries, McLaganLive is go-to resource for HR leaders.

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