Reshape the Compensation Conversation

As leading organizations prepare for rapid growth, they rely on strategic benchmarking techniques to unlock new insights that reshape global talent and compensation conversations, including the ability to compare their organizations against similar-sized companies and potential future competitors.

The Challenge

As businesses face change, growth and competition at a rate like never before, human capital leaders today are tasked with understanding how their organizational structures stack up to their peers of similarly-sized companies, so they can be more informed while making strategic human capital decisions.

Our Approach

The key driver behind our database is the collection of entire workforce data submissions covering all employees in all locations around the world. This, along with information such as corporate performance, serves as a foundation for HR leaders to frame global talent structure and total compensation issues in an entirely new light.

Client Impact

Aon delivers macro-level insights on where your talent resides vs. the market, what percentage of your workforce is located in expanding vs. shrinking markets, and how your talent structure and compensation compares with competitors. Additionally, clients can get a sense of how their employee base is distributed by function and job level to understand how it stacks up to the market.

Clients are asking important questions, such as “How does our hiring rate and turnover compare with peers?” and “Are we promoting fast enough?” With benchmarking analytics, they are positioning themselves in the driver’s seat to identify and mitigate talent risks based on mobility and structure.

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A Technology Case Study

As it sought to grow its global footprint, a large technology company was concerned about talent shortages in certain corporate functions supporting the business. Due to this challenge, the client wanted to benchmark their organizational structure of corporate functions — including HR, IT, finance, marketing and facilities — to similarly-sized organizations. Using our global full census database to shed light on functions, job levels and geographic footprint, Aon was able to make key recommendations on the client’s expansion strategy from a talent perspective. Results, drawn from organizational structures of competitors, revealed ideal levels of management and individual contributors for the client to scale. This in turn led to broader and more strategic conversations around workforce planning.

A Life Sciences Case Study

As part of its equality and diversity goals, the leadership team at a large life sciences company sought to drill down into demographics and see how their current distribution of gender and age compared with that of the broader industry. Using Aon’s Global Workforce Analytics database, the client was able to develop a gender distribution benchmark from a geographic, functional and job leveling perspective. This enabled the client to compare their position to that of the market and make a dent in its global diversity initiatives; it also deepened the conversation to include gender pay equity issues — including quantifying the pay gap between men and women in the organization and identifying where dollar adjustments should be made.

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