Navigating an Era of Accelerated Disruption

Look across the breadth and depth of your talent pool and you'll find them: emerging leaders, change agents, problem solvers and innovators. These employees are your secret weapons in the digital age. And wherever they are in their career journeys – from new college graduates who are just starting to show great potential to seasoned veterans with deep expertise and long track records of achievement – you can't afford to lose them. Your future depends on it.

The market for game-changing talent is as fierce as ever, which means your business needs to stand out from the crowd in a clear and compelling way. Reimaging your approach to employee rewards is a great way to get there. And with years of experience advising technology leaders and industry disruptors, we're ready to help your business create a winning strategy for the digital age. Here's how:

Growth Strategies

Rapid business expansion can lead an organization to outgrow its existing human resources, compensation and career structures, requiring frequent reassessment and realignment.

We'll help you:  

  • Reimagine your compensation philosophy to ensure it sets the stage for building rewards programs aligned to your evolving business strategy and the needs of your organization.
  • Build new salary structures that balance the many pros and cons of market-based, level-based and broad-banded salary structures, and select a model that works best for you.
  • Re-balance pay mixes as your company matures, leveraging our extensive data sets to anticipate how your incentive and equity programs should evolve over time.
  • Conduct a 360° re-calibration to see how well your people and pay programs match current market conditions, including labor market shortages, competitive challenges and employee retention concerns.


Total Rewards

As the rate of change and disruption soar to new levels in the workplace, it becomes increasingly difficult to align your rewards strategy with business goals and the diverse needs of your employees.

Take your total rewards offerings to the next level by:  

  • Benchmarking total rewards to understand the impact of shifts in the total rewards portfolio, and calibrating pay and benefits
  • Optimizing total rewards to align with your company’s goals and employee preferences so they work best for your organization
  • Customizing rewards portfolios through utilization of our conjoint analyses and survey instruments to allow employee voices to play a greater role in rewards innovation


Job Architectures

Growth and disruption can trigger a proliferation of new jobs and titles. Before you know it, there will be inconsistencies in job leveling, pay and titles. That's where job architectures come in — it can help us bring order to the chaos. Beyond that, it can serve as a foundation for career frameworks, pay equity analysis and people analytics.

Our work typically includes:  

  • Auditing your job levels and creating a unified approach to defining levels, job codes and titling conventions across the company
  • Creating a consistent job library of every job code and job description in your company that's easily accessible to HR and people managers, and transferable to current and future HRIS systems


Career Frameworks

Top performers expect a career roadmap. Define a clear set of skills, competencies and experiences required each step of the way.

Our work typically includes:  

  • Creating competency models to define the skill and knowledge requirements for all positions
  • Developing clear career paths to support successful staff development and professional progress, and instituting consistent promotional practices
  • Building a sound job architecture to standardize leveling criteria across functions, aligning career levels with the market, and providing a scalable model for the future



The compensation function isn’t immune to disruption. Your business partners are demanding faster response times, immediate access to data and support for making and communicating pay decisions. Experienced compensation professionals can be hard to find, and your to-do list is growing by the day. Our co-sourcing team can take over some of the heavy lifting for your annual compensation process to free you up to focus on the strategic priorities that matter the most.

Our work typically includes:

  • Optimizing survey utilization through portfolio reviews
  • Participating in surveys on your behalf
  • Conducting competitive market analysis and job evaluations
  • Building and refreshing salary structures
  • Modeling merit increases


Mergers & Acquisition Integration

The flurry of M&A activity has prompted the need for organizations to be able to quickly harmonize dissimilar cultures, employees and reward systems.

Our work typically includes:  

  • Assessing your competitive market by gauging base salaries, target total cash and total direct compensation, and reviewing both companies' annual incentive plans against market-leading practices and the newly merged company strategy
  • Creating consistency in defining job levels, job codes and titling conventions across the company
  • Implementing incentive plans and equity grant guidelines that allow you to remain competitive in the years following the transaction
  • Facilitating change management by closely managing communications and training, and creating implementation materials to ensure employees and managers understand and support changes in programs


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