It's Time to Reimagine Rewards for the Digital Age

Disruptive forces lurk around every corner. Is your workforce ready for what's next?

Change Starts and Ends with People 

Although it’s fashionable to talk about robots replacing humans in the workplace, the truth is, driving business performance through people remains as important as ever. Study after study shows that to win in the digital age, companies must overcome and adapt to a widening array of people risks and challenges.

Chief among these risks is the ability to identify, attract and retain visionary leaders and agents of change— people with the capacity to truly transform how you operate. At Aon, we specialize in helping our clients create the rewards programs and strategies they need to make the workforce of the future a reality.

What Makes the Digital Age So Challenging?



Digital transformation projects are omnipresent these days, but what really matters is having the right people in place to lead and sustain these efforts. Many companies learn this the hard way late in the transformation process.


Around the world, disruptors are shaking up traditional business models at an accelerated pace. What's more, these companies often lead the way when it comes to creating innovative and compelling employee value propositions.


In the digital age, industry lines are blurring fast, forcing companies in every sector to compete for an increasingly finite group of critical technical, creative and business talent. This ratchets up pay and the race to offer unique perks.


How Does this Impact Rewards?



Big Questions
to Ask Yourself


Do we have the people and skills we need for the future?
All good rewards strategies are grounded in important choices about what a company values most, and increasingly, this means thinking far more carefully about the skills you need today vs. tomorrow.

Are we aware of what it takes to compete for those skills?
Mapping out your current and future talent needs is a good first step. From there, it's imperative to keep up with pay and talent trends in fast moving markets, especially for mission-critical "hot" skills. 

Is our leadership team aligned on how we'll manage careers and pay for our IT and technology talent?
Every company is unique, so there is no right answer. Still, choices must be made. Are we going to support separate career and pay paths for technical talent and what does this mean for our culture?

How can our rewards programs make us more innovative?
For many, this sounds like the holy grail of HR, but it doesn't have to be as complicated as you think. It's about creating horizontal and vertical career paths, providing recognition, and yes, incentives.

How can rewards support our unique value proposition?
Competing for great talent isn't just about paying more. You need to provide a compelling culture, career growth and great projects. Your rewards programs should emphasize what makes you special.


One More Thing:
Fairness Matters, Make It Your Advantage


As issues like pay equity rise in prominence because of growing societal pressure and a rapidly changing legal landscape, companies would be wise to reconsider how they define what it means to be competitive. Taking time to reflect on how your organization balances company vs. employee needs and external vs. internal market forces is a great place to start.

Living in the digital age only accelerates the need to act. Many younger employees no longer consider it taboo to discuss pay with coworkers and are also more likely to question pay decisions using crowd-sourced data. This has a profound impact on what people expect from their employers and where they choose to work.

We help clients adapt to a more transparent, digitally-enabled world by providing them with world-class data and analytics connected to deep insights on shifting business needs and cultural expectations.

What is right
for our company?

In alignment with our culture, how do we want to design pay? What do we want to emphasize?

What is right
for our people?

What should really drive pay for our people? What is fair and appropriate?

Are we competitive
with the market?

How do our key competitors pay people in similar roles at the same levels?

Are we consistent

When we look at all of our people in similar roles and similar levels, are they paid in the same way?


Are you ready to reimagine rewards?

It’s never been a more exciting time to be a rewards professional. The challenges are big, but the opportunities to influence the future of your business are bigger. Let us know how we can help.

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