Operational Risk IQ Services

Identify and quantify risk to achieve
optimal risk reduction and efficiency
in today's volatile market. 

A Complete, Empirical Operational Risk View

Now more than ever, operational risk awareness matters. That's why Aon has introduced a transformative way of identifying and quantifying operational risk and its impact at your firm. Employing a data-driven approach and peer benchmarking, Operational Risk IQ helps asset managers optimize their market position when competing for mandates in today's competitive environment.

It's time to get more out of your operational due diligence efforts. Let us show you how Operational Risk IQ can help you decrease risk, manage operations efficiently, and attract and maintain institutional assets.

Identify and Quantify Risk Factors

Operational Risk IQ processes your firm’s responses to a proprietary operational due diligence questionnaire to provide performance transparency and highlight risk areas where your firm does not meet industry best practices. Answering risk-related questions objectively is now simpler than ever. Highlights include:

  • Actionable insights into what institutional investors are looking for
  • A data-driven approach to assess operational risks across your firm
  • Custom benchmarking of your firm relative to peer groups of competitors
  • Data set of over 400 firms, 1,000 strategies, and 800k data points
  • Coverage of up to 200 risk areas in 8 broad categories
  • Ability to save, prioritize, and strategize on internal spend to reduce risk and achieve optimal efficiency


Mitigate Risk as Competition Increases

Achieving optimal risk reduction and efficiency is one of the most powerful tools to weather the current volatile market. Operational Risk IQ provides value across your entire organization, including finance, legal, investor relations, operations and IT.

Benefits and uses across your firm:  

  • Optimize Spend Identify operational improvement opportunities with minimal incremental cost.
  • Pinpoint Blind Spots Breadth of coverage ensures visibility across firm departments, including areas that may have been previously overlooked. Focus on your firm's low quartile risk areas where improvements can be implemented quickly.
  • Get Expert Insights Benefit from best practice insights used by Aon's ODD teams to advise asset owners. Guidance on risk remediation and mock ODD is also offered by experts focused on reducing business and operational risk within asset managers.
  • Understand Your Risk Profile Benchmark illustrates your risk profile relative to competitors, allowing you to make informed decisions and prioritize resources based on market practice.
  • Conduct Pre-Audit Check View and correct how your firm’s RFP team completes due diligence questionnaire information before the high stakes of formal evaluation.
  • Assess Cyber Security Gain insight into where your firm does and does not need to invest as the cyber landscape continuously evolves.
  • Manage Future Risk Check your firm's disaster recovery preparedness and business continuity plan.


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