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Rewards Solutions Newsletter | April 2020

In the span of a few weeks, our entire world has changed. The ever-evolving COVID-19 pandemic has touched how we live, how we work, and how companies manage and support their workforces. While the economic impacts of COVID-19 are significant, we must remember this pandemic is first and foremost an urgent humanitarian challenge. Our primary concern is our employees, clients and friends in the HR community, and we sincerely hope this note finds you and your loved ones in good health and good spirits.

As we continue to look for ways to support our client community during these unprecedented times, this special edition of our Big Data, Bold Insights newsletter shares articles focused on how COVID-19 affects totals rewards programs on a day-to-day basis, including executive compensation, sales incentives, and several industry-specific viewpoints. We also encourage readers to take part in our active COVID-19 pulse survey, which closes on Friday, April 10. Initial results will be available starting April 15.

Finally, as you explore the articles below, please know we recognize the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds in different ways and at different speeds across industries and geographies. Our content reflects point-in-time views based on information available at that time. We know your personal experiences may vary and/or may have changed since some of this material was written.
Rethinking Your Total Rewards Strategy in Response to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic creates a wide range of challenges for business leaders to consider. When it comes to total rewards, here are the key issues to address. Read More

Whether your firm is on the front lines of responding to COVID-19 or not, delivering life-saving discoveries remains as important as ever. For HR and rewards leaders, this means moving swiftly to keep workers as safe and productive as possible.  
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For HR Leaders at Technology Firms, COVID-19 Means Preparing for Multiple Scenarios  

While technology firms are acting quickly to support workers through enhanced leave policies and special stipends, most firms are taking time to monitor market signals before making substantial changes to their core compensation programs.  

From keeping warehouses and supply chains running safely to adjusting pay for employees interacting with the public to supporting workers furloughed, retail and e-commerce firms face HR challenges not shared in many other sectors.  

Managing Sales Compensation Amidst Growing Economic Uncertainty and Volatility  

As the humanitarian and economic impacts of COVID-19 continue to grow, organizations are reevaluating their business plans and sales targets. Here are the warning signs to look for and short-term actions you can take to relieve pressure.  

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The new CARES Act will affect executive compensation in a variety of ways. We discuss the potential impacts and what companies need to consider before accepting economic relief.

Understanding New SEC Guidance for Virtual Meetings and Filing Delays Due to COVID-19

With the spread of COVID-19, many issuers are holding virtual shareholder meetings for the first time. New SEC guidance addresses this change, as well as filing relief related to the virus.  

Rethinking Your Incentive Strategy as the Market Turns 

Over the past decade of sustained growth, many firms enjoyed a predictable approach to equity pay. Now they need to quickly rethink their equity strategies. Aon’s panel of experts will discuss how your equity programs may need to evolve.

Date: April 16, 2020
Location: Online

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