pay equity Infographics

Reimagining Rewards

The way companies think about rewards is undergoing a fundamental shift. As societal norms and business models continue to evolve, our clients are quickly discovering they need to change both the design and delivery of rewards programs. At Aon, we’re facilitating this change by empowering clients to forge a new path forward in rewards― one designed around themes of flexibility, transparency, pay equity and compelling career paths and experiences for employees.

Published: February 2020
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Getting Ready for the Era of Pay Transparency

The era of pay transparency is here. As technology allows for more information sharing, access to crowdsourced compensation data has proliferated dramatically and employees now have easy access to pay data that was once top-secret. Now, employees accessing and discussing their compensation and the compensation of others openly is not only losing its taboo, it’s trending. Companies need to be ready to respond. Here are four key steps to addressing pay transparency at your company.

Published: July 2018
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Approaches for Setting Fair Pay at Your Company

Pay equity has emerged as one of today’s hottest HR and compensation issues. Delivering pay in an equitable fashion across all demographic groups seems like a mammoth task, and knowing where to start can be challenging. Our new infographic outlines four key approaches you can explore as you set out to create sustainable fair pay practices at your organization.

Published: March 2018
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