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Retailers Need to Build Workforce Agility to Reshape For the Future

Originally published in The Retailer magazine, we discuss how agile workforce strategies, including virtual working, flexibility and aligned benefits, can help retailers succeed in the post-pandemic world. 

Published: November 2020
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Retail Sector Wages Are Rising Due to Higher Employee Turnover and e-Commerce Demand

With employee turnover rising among retailers, businesses must closely benchmark pay as they look to replace workers and, in some cases, ramp up hiring plans.

Published: October 2020
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Case Study: Redesigning Total Rewards for Technology Roles at a Global Retail Company

To keep up with advancing technology and consumer demands, a large global retail company seeks guidance for growing its technology leadership to support critical future initiatives.

Published: June 2020
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COVID-19 Creates Unique Compensation Challenges for Retail and e-Commerce Firms

From keeping warehouses and supply chains running safely to adjusting pay for employees interacting with the public to supporting workers furloughed due to store closures, retail and e-commerce firms face a range of compensation challenges not shared in many other sectors.

Published: March 2020
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How e-Commerce Businesses Are Scaling Their Workforce for High Growth

Using our survey data, we analyzed workforce planning and composition among e-commerce firms to understand how these firms are adapting their workforce for high growth.

Published: January 2020
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Benchmarking Hot Jobs: Software Engineers at e-Commerce Firms Command a Pay Premium

Demand for digital jobs is high, and e-commerce companies are paying a premium for key roles. In this article, we examine compensation levels for software engineers at internet and e-commerce companies compared to software companies and provide advice for how to use survey data to create compelling rewards packages.


Published: October 2019
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Developing a Winning People Strategy for New Types of Technology Jobs at Retail Companies

As retail companies rapidly integrate technology-related jobs to their workforce, they find hiring and retaining people with these skills requires re-examining their rewards structures.

Published: March 2019
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Attract and Retain Seasonal Non-Exempt and Hourly Workers Using Micro-Market Pay Data

It’s more crucial than ever to understand how to attract and retain non-exempt and hourly workers for the busy holiday season and beyond using micro-market pay data.

Published: November 2018
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