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Rewards Solutions Spotlight: The Pay Equity Landscape in Europe Continues to Evolve

As the world’s heightened focus on equality and fairness continues to grow, conducting pay equity analyses and implementing more transparent communications with employees over how their compensation is determined is becoming even more important. This Q&A offers insights into what’s new, what we have learned and where pay equity legislation is headed for firms across Europe.

Published: July 2020
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Navigating the Growing Patchwork of Pay Equity Laws Across the United States

From California to New York, here’s a roundup of leading fair pay laws in the U.S., and tips for balancing local regulation with global consistency to promote shared standards within your firm.

Published: March 2020
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Technology Compensation Trends: Your Questions Answered

Our recent webcast on technology pay trends covered a variety of issues impacting our clients, including what pay transparency looks like and how to address hot jobs. We turned to our hosts, Tim Brown and John Radford, for answers to your burning questions.

Published: December 2019
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Our Top 5 Most Popular Articles of 2019

From salary increase news to job architecture and pay equity, our five most highly read articles of 2019 touch on some of the biggest rewards topics of the year.

Published: December 2019
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Journey to the Center of Pay Equity: Using Technology to Improve Transparency

This article, first published in WorldatWork’s Workspan magazine, dives into the complexities around the issue of pay equity and how organizations can move toward more transparency.

Published: November 2019
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To Proactively Manage Pay Equity, Companies Must Take These Three Steps

To proactively address pay equity issues, firms across industries must move beyond treating it as a one-time audit exercise and instead manage risks on an ongoing basis.

Published: October 2019
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Technology Companies Pay New Hires More Than Current Employees for Key Job Roles

Salaries for newly hired mid-level professionals at technology companies are higher, on average, compared to incumbent employees. This raises concerns about retaining talent and unintentionally creating, or worsening, internal pay equity gaps.  

Published: January 2019
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Equal Pay Laws Shine Light on Difficulty of Defining “Equal”

The principles around gender pay equity sound basic: men and women should receive the same amount of pay for equal or similar work. However, when examining the California Fair Pay Act— one of many pieces of equal pay legislation that has swept the globe— it turns out that the implementation of this idea is anything but simple.

Published: November 2018
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The Era of Pay Transparency is Here. Is Your Organization Prepared?

Technological advances, coupled with new pay equity laws, give employees access to compensation information they never had before. In the emerging era of pay transparency, there are four steps companies must take to both address inequities and engage employees in creating a shared understanding of fair pay.

Published: April 2018
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To Truly Address Gender Pay Gaps, Companies Must Dig Below the Surface

In most cases, you can't begin to fix a problem until you understand why it exists in the first place. This is certainly true for the complex challenge of addressing gender pay equity. In our new paper, we explain the most significant drivers of both real and perceived gender pay gaps.

Published: January 2018
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UK Gender Pay Reporting Law Provides an Opportunity to Strengthen Rewards Programs

In an effort to close the gender pay gap, the UK government’s Gender Pay Gap Reporting Regulations go into effect in April 2017. Our new client alert provides tips for compliance as well as voluntary measures all companies can take to proactively address potential inequalities in their rewards programs.

Published: March 2017
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Reliable Market Data is Critical in Wake of Massachusetts "Fair Pay" Law and Others Like It

Massachusetts recently became the first state to ban employers from asking job candidates for their salary history, including benefits and other compensation, which increases the importance of accurate market data as well as the benefits of a formal pay program.

Published: August 2016
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