Using Job Architecture to Enable Digital Transformation

Published: June 2019


In today’s evolving digital landscape, technology talent is needed for companies across all industries to build and sustain new ways of doing business, such as utilizing artificial intelligence to improve customer experience, leveraging data analytics to improve supply chains, or enabling software for online banking and e-commerce.
In their quest to hire and retain talent with necessary specialized skills, HR leaders are asking:
  • What are the skills and people we need to compete now and in the future?
  • Do we have the right job structures in place and are we sufficiently flexible to adapt our workforce as needed?
  • Where do technology and IT jobs fit into our company?
  • How do we provide our employees with both vertical and horizontal career opportunities?

Each of these questions can be answered through the development of a well-functioning job architecture that meets the unique needs of each organization. This white paper discusses how digital transformation is altering job architecture and provides tactics for revamping your architecture to meet new demands.

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