Future-Proofing Your Talent

Published: February 2019


As financial services firms work on more technology initiatives, businesses must now put the transformation of their workforce at the center of their strategy. Companies are focused on exploring new ways of working through agile methodology, redesigning their organizational structures, evaluating their entire employee value proposition to improve engagement, and making strategic investments in new skills and technology to support this evolution.

So, where’s the best place to start? This white paper outlines nine steps for “future-proofing” your talent.

Step 1: Conduct an organizational skills review.
Step 2: Update your competency framework.
Step 3: Build, borrow, or buy your talent.
Step 4: Realign your HR business processes.
Step 5: Make your role profiles more fluid.
Step 6: Create a compelling employee value proposition.
Step 7: Utilize smart talent data.
Step 8: Invest in developing your talent.
Step 9: Don't crush your culture.

With the right people and HR processes in place, firms can fully benefit from the countless opportunities that technology provides.

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